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Add A New Location


This article will cover the necessary steps to add a new location to an existing database. This article assumes that you did not initially set up your database with Locations and that you use Procentive for billing purposes, submitting your claims to payers through Procentive.

The only addresses you should enter in the Locations Module are those that are recognized by the various payers you send claims to as a billing location or services-rendered location for your agency. If the address needs to be on the claim for you to receive payment, that address must be entered in the Locations Module. Effective set up of a new services-rendered or billing location within Procentive will require you to add and/or adjust information in several different modules.

Important Note:  You will need to enter your data in this order. 

Step 1: Staff Module

  1. Go to the Staff Module.
  2. Double-click the user row you want to view. 
  3. Click the Role tab.
  4. Click on the blue Edit Roles link.
    • If you are not familiar with how to edit roles, please review: Edit a Role 
  5. Review the permissions for locations under the Appointments, Clients, and Time Module sections to be sure your staff roles are set up as needed, allowing staff to see only associated locations or all locations.
    • Tip: Enter locations into the search box.
    • You should only have one of the following checked:
      •  will allow a staff to only see the locations in which they're associated with in the Staff Module.
        • Step 4 below will help you make this association; they will only be able to see clients with a shared location selected in the Client Module > Client tab.  
      •  will allow a staff to see all locations for the module even if they're not associated with the location.
  6. Close out of the window.
  7. Click Save.​
    • Each staff will need to log off and back in for updated permissions to take effect. 

Step 2: Locations Module

  1. Go to the Locations Module. 
  2. Click Add.
    •  The Add Locations window will open to the Location tab.
  3. Enter the location Details. 
    • Name
    • Address
    • City 
    • State
    • Zip (9-digit zip code)
    • Phone
    • County
  4.  If your billing is determine by locations, see this Locations Module article for further instructions.

Step 3: Settings Module

  1. Go to the Settings Module.
  2. Click the Billing tab.
  3. Select the Billing Location from the drop-down.

    Billing Location
  4. Click Change button at the bottom.
  5. Click on the Setup tab.
  6. Locate the Appointments section
  7. Change Force selection of location: to Yes.
    • This will force your staff to choose a location when adding an appointment. If they fail to select a location, they will get an error telling them they must choose a location.
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Change.
    • ​The screen will scroll back to the top once it saves.

Note: These steps are not required.

  1. Go to the Settings Module.
  2. Click the Setup tab.
  3. Scroll to the Time Entry section.
  4. Confirm the field Prompt to warn location is [none]: is set to Prompt.

  5. Click Change at the bottom of the page.
  6. Log off and log back in to Procentive.

Step 4: Staff Module

  1. Go to the Staff Module.
  2. Double-click the staff you want to work with. 
  3. Click Locations tab.
  4. Default location: Select the staff primary location as the Default location from the drop-down.
  5. Check each location you want this staff to be associated with.
  6. Click Save. 

Step 5:​ Clients Module

  1. Go to the Clients Module. 
  2. Double-click the client you want to associate with a location.
  3. Default Location: Choose the client's location.
    • You can assign a default for the client here, or you can choose the location for each appointments.

      Default Location

Step 6: Client Groups

If you currently have Client Groups, you will need to assign a default location to each group.

  1. Go to the Client Groups module.
  2. Double-click to open an existing group
  3. Select the Default Location.

    Client Group Location 9292017.png
  4. Click Save.

Step 7:​ Appointments/Time Modules

Staff must remember to select a location on each service line in the Time Module. This tells Procentive which rendering location, NPI, and taxonomy to put on the claim and is needed for reporting. 

  • Depending on whether a staff's permissions are restricted to his/her location(s) a staff may not be able to see their service lines if a location is not selected. A staff must have permission in the Time Module to see all locations in order to see service lines that do not have a location selected or the service lines will need to be updated to have a location selected.
    • If you would like staff to be able to see all past service lines, please update their permissions to see all location in the Time Module or send a ticket to Procentive stating which location all past DOS should be associated with and up to which date this was the only location.
  • Any unbilled service lines will need to have a location associated with them to ensure accurate billing information appears on the claim and reporting continues to pull accurate data based on location.

Step 8: Appointments 

  • Staff must remember to select a location for each newly added or updated appointment (Appointments Module).
  • In order for Report 1300, Appointments Without Service Lines, to report accurately, all appointments and service lines (Time module) must have the same location selected.
  • Staff may not be able to see previously created appointments if those appointments do not have a location selected and the staff is limited by permissions to only seeing their own locations in the Appointments Module. A staff must have permission in the Appointments Module to see all locations in order to see appointments that do not have a location selected or the appointments will need to be updated to have a location selected.
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