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Add Payer


This article will instruct you on how to add a payer to your EHR.
  1. Go to the Payers Module.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Enter the Electronic Payer ID in the Payer Type field (to search).
  4. Click tab.
  5. Click Choose.

    add payer choose payer type 10.31.2018.png
  6. Select the correct Electronic Payer ID.

    add payer select electronic id 10.31.2018.png

  7. Click Leave.

    add payer leave site 10.31.2018.png

    If you want to add a generic payer, which is a payer without an electronic payer ID:

    1. Type "generic" into the Payer type field
    2. Click tab
    3.  Type in the name you want to use for the generic payer in the Payer Name field
  8. Click on the Payer Rules tab.
  9. Consider if any fields need to be adjusted for this payer.
    • It is common to leave most of these fields at the default for the payer.  Specific fields to consider changing would be:
      • Authorization required: set to Yes if all services for this payer require an authorization
      • Electronic by default: set to Yes if you wish to have the Electronic option defaulted when submitting claims.
      • Default Admissions facility: select if there is only one for this payer.
      • Require  PMAP program for each client: select Yes if this is a PMAP payer (Prepaid Medical Assistance Program)
  10. Consider how rates for this payer need to be entered using this article: Add Rates
    • Consider how rates for this payer need to be entered using this article:
  11. Click on the Places tab.
    • In this tab you can limit which place of service codes are allowed for this payer

      add payer places tab.png
  12. Click on the Contact Tab to enter info if applicable.

    add payer contact tab.png
  13. Click Save.  
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