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Add a Travel Code


This article will give you instructions on how to add Travel code H0046 to the Codes Module.

A travel code is an add-on code that will always be billed with an appropriate primary code and never by itself.

Add a Travel Code

  1. Go to the Codes Module.
  2. Click Add.
  3. In the Code tab, type H0046 in the Number field & Travel in the Name field.
  4. Go to the Billing tab.
    • The Times/Units Ratio: 1 Minutes per unit.
    • The Allow override of time/units ratio: No - use fixed time/unit ratio above.
    • The Label: Minutes or 1 minute = 1 unit.
    • Claim type: Professional (837P/1500).
    • The Place of Service: Patient's Home (12).
    • All other settings you will leave as defaulted.

  5. Go to the Type tab.
  6. Change the Type: Travel.
  7. Change Note allow: No.


 8. Click Save.

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