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Restrict IP Address Access


For security reasons, an agency may choose to restrict access to Procentive for only specific IP addresses. If you only want staff to access Procentive from the office, and not from their home or other outside locations, review the steps outlined in this article.

Initial Permissions Setup

  1. Go to Staff module > Role tab > Edit Roles link.
  2. In the Edit Roles window, assign each role the Logon from any computer permission.

    Enable Logon from any comp 6.18.20.png
    • Be sure to click Change Role after assigning this permission to each role.

By giving all staff this permission, you will temporarily allow all users to access Procentive from any location until you are finished updating the allowed IP addresses. If you miss this step, then some of your staff will be blocked from accessing Procentive while the Security tab is updated.

Settings module

  1. Go to the Settings module > Security tab.
  2. Enter all of the IP addresses used by your agency.
    • Normally, each office location will have a single, static IP address.
  3. If you're unsure of the specific locations IP address(es):
    1. Logon from each different location.
    2. Go to the Settings module > Security tab > locate the IP address at the top.

      Settings Security IP Address 6.18.20.png
    3. Enter the location name in the Name field.
    4. Copy the IP address from the top of the screen and paste into the Allowed Hosts field.

      Settings Security 6.18.20.png
    5. Save.

To add additional locations, click Add and repeat steps 1-5 above.

Home IP Addresses: Most IP addresses at home are not static, which means they change too often to make it useful to add home IP addresses to this tab. 

Final Permissions Setup 

  1. Go to the Staff module > Role tab > Edit Roles link.
  2. Remove the Logon from any computer permission for all roles, unless a specific role will still be allowed to access Procentive from anywhere.

    Disable logon from any comp 6.18.20.png
  3. Click Change Role after each role is edited.

Once this permission is removed, all users (unless permitted based on role permission) will only be allowed to logon to Procentive from the sites/IP addresses listed in the Settings module > Security tab.


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