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Research Unallocated Credits


Here are some tips for troubleshooting the source of unallocated credits that are showing up on the Unallocated Payments Report (1280), the Collections Report (1030), or in the Payments Module.

Locating Unallocated Credits

  1. Go to the Payments Module
  2. Change View: Payments
  3. Select Show: 3rd Party & Government
  4. Select Payers: [All]
  5. Select Show: [all] (rather than last 30,60 or 90 days)
  6. Click the Unallocated (credit) column once and allow it to load
    • This will sort the column in ascending order bringing all blanks to the top.
  7. Click the Unallocated (credit) column once more to sort again
    • This will sort again descending bringing all unallocated credits to the top

Suggestions For Finding The Source

  • If there is an era link to the far right of the line, click on this link to go to the ERA. Go thru the ERA claim by claim verifying that the Amount used below  is green and matches the Paid  amount above it. If the amounts do not match, the dollar amount will be red. Also, verify the payment has been saved from with the correct payment reference (not another reference).
  • Check for interest on an ERA or EOB.
  • If applicable, verify takebacks and takeback credits were posted correctly.
  • If you still have not resolved, you can print out and compare the payers report to Procentive's report of where the payment has been allocated. To do this print the Report Mode (the report found under the Report Mode radio button) and the Payment ERA link at the top of Payment Entry Mode (the link that begins [ERA...]).  This Payment ERA link is a summary of where money was allocated on this ERA. Compare these two reports side by side to verify that what the payer did (Report Mode) matches with what was posted in Procentive.
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