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Send Client Balances to Collections Agency


When a client has an outstanding balance owed and is not paying, you may choose to send their balance to a collections agency. This article will provide the steps to setup and maintain balances sent to a collections agency.

Initial Setup

Create New Payer
  1. Go to the Payers module.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Select the Payer Type: Generic (SPRNT).

    Add Generic Payer 1.13.20.png
  4. Enter the Payer Name as Collections Agency.
  5. Go to the Payer Rules tab.
  6. Change Skip Group Number Check and  Skip Individual policy Id Check to Yes.

    Skip ID Checks 1.13.20.png

  7. Click Save.
Create Custom Write-off
  1. Go to the Settings module > Billing Tab.
  2. Scroll to the Accounting section and locate the drop down menu for Number of custom writeoff fields to use:

    Custom Write Off Drop Down 1.9.20.png

  3. Select the number of custom write-offs needed.
    • If you already have custom write-offs setup, select the next number in the sequence.
  4. A blank Writeoff Field will appear at the bottom, enter in the custom write off name in both the Name and Plural fields.

    Collection Agency Writeoff field 1.13.20.png
    • We recommend naming it either Collection Agency or Sent to Collections.
    • The spelling should be the same in both fields, you shouldn't add an 's' or 'es' to the name in the Plural field.
  5. Click Change.

Send Balance to Collections Agency

Assign Collections Payer to Client
  1. Go to the Clients module > Payers tab.
  2. Click add_small_dkblue.gif at the top.
  3. Select the Collections Agency payer from the window that appears.
  4. Click Save.
Move Client Balance to Collections
  1. Go to the Payments module and locate the client.
  2. Find the DOS with the client balance that will be sent to the collections agency.
  3. Click new on the bill line.
  4. Select Create new payment.
  5. In the New Payment window enter a Reference and set Amount to 0.00.

    CA writeoff payment window 1.1320.png
  6. Select the transaction type to the custom  write-off created above.

    CA transaction type 1.13.20.png
  7. Enter the amount being sent to the collections agency. This should be the full balance.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Queue the DOS to the Collections Agency payer.

    CA queue to CA payer 1.13.20.png
  10. Go to the Billing module > Add window.
  11. Select the Collections Agency payer and create an invoice.
Applying Payments & Tracking Balances

When you collect funds from the collections agency for balances owed: enter the payment under the Collections Agency payer and apply to the Collections Payer bill line for the client and DOS in the Payments module.

       CA Apply Payment 1.13.20.png

You can review the amounts that have been sent to a collections agency in the Accounting module > Trial Balance report under the transaction type column created for collections.

You can review the amount outstanding with a collections agency in the Collections module under the specific Collections Agency payer that was created.

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