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Write Off a Service


There may be times when you cannot or choose not to collect on a service and need to write it off. Below are instructions on how to do this in Procentive.

Write Off Charges

  1. Go to the Payments Module and locate the client.
  2. Double-click on the client's name to open the client Payments window and locate the DOS that needs to written off.

    Payments Module Clients View
  3. Click on the new link on the bill line.
  4. Select Create new payment from the reference menu.

    Create new payment
  5. In the New Payment window,
    1. Create a payment reference for the service being written off
    2. Click Save.

      New payment window
  6. In the Type column, click the down arrow down.gif (just to the right of Payment) and select Writeoff.
  7. Enter the amount of the desired write off in the Amount field (should default to full remaining balance).
  8. Click save to the right of the Amount.

    Writeoff transaction type


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