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Add Recurring Appointments


This article will instruct you on how to add a recurrence to an appointment.
  1. Click on the Appointments Module
  2. Add an appointment or locate an appointment and double-click to open.
  3. Click on the Recurrence tab.

    appointment recurrence tab 7-10-2018.png
  4. Choose one of the following frequencies:  
    • If Weekly, then 
      • Place a check next to each day the appointment will reoccur.
      • Select how often from the dropdown
        • Each week = every week, Every 2 weeks = every other week, etc.

          appointment recurrence weekly 7-10-2018.png
    • If Monthly, then
      • Choose one of the following
        • Day of every month (the 1st day of every month) or 
        • The week and day of every month (The second Thursday of every month)

          appointment recurrence monthly 7-10-2018.png
  5. Enter duration in one of these fields:
    • Number of weeks/months.
    • Last Date.

      appointment recurrence weekly 10 weeks 7-10-2018.png
  6. Click Save. 
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