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Add Resources to an Appointment


Reserve a room, vehicle or shared equipment with any appointment. This article will show you how.
  1. Locate or create the appointment in the Appointments Module.
  2. Click on the Resources tab.

  3. Click any of the Resources listed that you would like to reserve. Click > to add the resource to the Scheduled Resources list.
    • Resources from other locations can be reserved by changing the location at the top of the window.
    • The location of the resource is included on the list in the Scheduled Resources box.

  4. The start & end times of the reservation, indicated by the green & red lines, can be dragged & dropped to quickly update the start & end times.
  5. Enter a Description if desired.
  6. Once you are done selecting your resources, be sure that the location selected at the top is the location of the appointment.
  7. Click Save.
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