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Add Staff to an Appointment


The Staff Meeting tab in an appointment is used to add multiple staff to any type of appointment; an individual or group appointment with a client(s), a Staff Meeting type appointment, Supervision type appointment, etc.  To maintain consistency, the name of the tab - Staff Meeting - has not changed but it can be used for so much more!  This article will show you how.
  1. Locate or create the appointment in the Appointments Module.
  2. Click on the Staff Meeting tab.
    • The list of staff that you see is determined by the location of the appointment.

      Staff Meeting tab 6-28-19.png
  3. The list of staff can further be filtered by choosing a Staff Group from the drop down menu, if your agency uses Staff Groups.

         Staff group filter 7-1-19.png
  4. The colors that you see on the graph for a staff will indicate what they have on their calendar for a given time period.  The Colors legend will tell you what Type of appointment they have on their calendar or which Location their appointment is scheduled.

         Type legend 7-1-19.png

         Location legend 7-1-19.png
  5. To add staff to the appointment, you have 2 options.
    • Click the button to add all staff listed to the Scheduled Staff box on the right.
    • Click on each staff name you would like to add & then click the arrow.forward.jpg to add the selected staff to the Scheduled Staff box on the right.
  6. To remove staff from the appointment, you also have 2 options.
    • Click the button to remove all staff listed to the Scheduled Staff box on the right.
    • Click on each staff name in the Scheduled Staff box on the right that you would like to remove & click the arrow.back 7-1-19.png to remove them.
  7. Once you have confirmed that all information on the appointment is correct, click Save.
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