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Appointment Legend for Group Service Lines


In the Appointments Module, in the filters at the top, the Color drop-down menu has an option Billing Status. This color legend allows you to see which scheduled appointments have had service lines (and clinical notes) added for them. As long as all the parameters of the service line (location, staff, client, date & time, etc) match the scheduled appointment, the Billing Status legend will update to show that a service line is recorded for the appointment.

Billing Status Legend Says There is No Service, but Group Service Line is added in the Group Appointment

It is not uncommon for the Billing Status legend in the Appointments Module to not update from pink to green on group services, even after a service line has been added.

This is because all the parameters of the service line (time, location, status, etc) for all clients must align with what has been entered in the appointment as the time, location, status, etc. If one client has a discrepancy in this (ie. showed up late 15 minutes, or was a No Show), then Procentive cannot recognize it as the service line for that scheduled appointment.

For this reason, it is much more accurate to run Report 1300 Appointments Without Service Lines, in the Reports Module, to verify whether a service line has been added from an appointment or not.

The 1300 Report will be able to identify that a group service line has been added from a group appointment, even if all of the details do not line up exactly with what was scheduled in the appointment window.


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