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Appointment Recurrence Change Options


When making a change to a recurring appointment, Procentive will prompt you to choose an option.  This article will provide some clarification as to what these options mean.

recurrence options 7-9-2018.png


Change All Appointments This option will apply the change to the date of the appointment you are currently in and all recurrences that follow that date.  The recurrence symbol recurrence icon 7-9-2018.pngwill appear next to the appointment on the calendar 
This One Only This option will apply the change only to the appointment you are currently in; it will not apply this change to any other appointments in the recurrence.  When you select this option, this one appointment will be removed from the recurrence block and will become a stand alone appointment.  This protects it from any future changes applied to all appointments.   This symbol will appear next to the appointment on the calendar broken recurrence icon 7-9-2018.png
Cancel Cancel the recurrence change


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