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Create a Recurring Group Appointment Using a Client Group


Client groups are a useful, efficient way to create group appointments. If you assign a client group to a recurring appointment in the Appointments Module, and later add a person to that client group (via the Client Groups or Clients Module), the person will be added to all future appointments for the group. This applies to removing a person from a group, as well; they will be removed from future group appointments.

Create a Recurring Group Appointment

  1. Go to the Appointments Module.
  2. Click Add addplus.up.jpg or double-click on a time slot on the calendar.
    • The Add Appointments window will open
  3. Choose the Location (if applicable), Date, Time, Duration, and Type.

    group appointment add 7-11-2018.png
  4. Click on the Group tab.

    group appointment group tab 7-11-2018.png
  5. Choose Staff. 
  6. Choose Client Group.
    • This will cause the list of clients from the Client Group to appear under Available Clients.

      group appointment choose staff client group 7-11-2018.png
  7. Move clients to the Scheduled Clients column.
    • To schedule all of the available clients in the appointment, click Allall.light.up.gif

      group appointment schedule group 7-11-2018.png
    • To schedule only some of the clients, double-click one client at a time.
      • Selected clients will move into the Scheduled Clients column.
    • To remove clients from the Scheduled Clients column, click once to highlight their name and then click the back arrow arrow.back.jpg.
  8. Click the Recurrence tab and follow these steps to setup the recurrence.

If multiple staff are conducting the group appointment:  future:  add steps to add staff

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