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Set Up Appointment Reminders For Your Agency


Procentive can send clients an email or text reminder when they have an upcoming appointment. To enable this feature you will need to set this up for your agency.  This article will walk you through that setup.
  1. Go to the Settings Module
  2. Click on the Setup Tab
  3. Locate the section titled Appointments

    appointment reminder text in settings 7-18-2018.png

  4. Enter a Reply email for client appointment notifications (required):
    • You must enter a valid email address in this field for both text and email reminders.
    • If a client responds to an appointment reminder email, it will go to the email you have listed here.


  1. Enter Subject for client appointment notifications:
    • This is the subject line that will travel on all email notifications.
    • Some suggestions include: ABC Mental Health Appointment Reminder or Appointment Reminder
  2. Enter/adjust the text in Client appointment notice:
    • ​​​This is the message clients will receive via their email.


  • <client> has an appointment on <dayofweek>, <date> at <time> with <staff>.  This is an automated message. Do not reply. If you are unable to keep this appointment, please call the front desk at 123-456-7890 to reschedule.​
  • <client> has an appointment with <staff> at Demo, Inc. on <dayofweek>, <date> at <time>.  Please do not respond to this email. Click on the following link to stop receiving these reminders: <optout> 
  1. Enter/adjust the text notification in Client appointment notice (SMS):
    • This is the message clients will receive via text message.
    • Text notifications cap at 160 characters (spaces included). After 160 characters, the message will be cut off. ​
    • The same fields as above can be used.
    • Suggestion:  <client> has an appointment with <staff> at Demo, Inc. on <dayofweek>, <date> at <time>.   Reply "ok" to confirm or "cancel" to cancel.


  • If the client replies to a text message with ok or cancel, Procentive will reflect this in the appointment window in the field Confirmation. More on this in Automated Appointment Confirmation.
  • If you need to either enable or disable this feature (for client's to reply to a text), please submit a support ticket.