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Bring Over Client Balance


When you first transition to Procentive, you may have a client balance in another system that you would like to bring over to Procentive. This article will explain how you can do this.

Create Code BF1000

  1. Go to the Codes Module.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Enter code Number as BF1000.
  4. Enter code Name as Balance Forward.
  5. Go to the Billing tab.
  6. Set the Time/Unit Ratio drop down Allow override of time/units ratio: to Always 1 Unit.
  7. Change setting Always Private Pay to Yes.
  8. Go to the Rates tab.
  9. Set Custom rate allowed to Yes.
  10. Click Save.

Enter Service Line

  1. Go to the Time Module.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Complete the Location, Staff, Client, Program, and Diagnosis fields.
  4. Select code BF1000 from the pick list  or type it into the code search field.
    • When the code is selected it will appear in the code drop down menu and a new Custom Rate field will appear.
      • The Custom Rate field may be in the Payment or Miscellaneous tab. You may move it to the Main tab by customizing your Time Add window.
  5. Enter the full amount that the client owes from the previous system.
  6. Enter 1 hour in the Hours field.
  7. Click Save.

Billing the Balance Forward

  1. Go to the Billing Module.
  2. Click Add.
    • The billing add window will appear.
  3. Select the Copay, Coinsurance, Deductible payer.
    • Be sure the Institutional box at the top of the Billing Add window is unchecked as the code BF1000 will be a professional code type.
  4. Click Check.
    • Assuming there are no errors, a new Create Invoice window will appear.
  5. Click Create.
    • An invoice bill line will now appear in the Payments Module and the next time Client Statements are created the client's balance forward charge will appear.
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