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Combine Two Claims on the Same Invoice


There are some codes that need to be billed together and when they are billed on separate invoices you will need to resubmit the codes under one invoice. In this article you will learn how to combine two different codes on the same invoice that were previously billed on separate invoices.

Combining Two Invoices into One

Below are the steps you would take if you have already billed BOTH services out of Procentive and they are on two separate invoices. These steps will guide you through how to combine them on to one invoice to resubmit them together.

If you have not billed the second service yet, please do not follow these steps. Instead, please contact the Support Desk.

  1. Go to the Payments module and locate the client and DOS in question.
  2. Click the DOS link to open the Change Time window .

         Payments module1.7.20.png
  3. Complete the Extra Info tab for both service lines with the replacement information of the claim that did pay.
  4. Click on the invoice number of the service line that paid to open the invoice.
  5. Click to highlight the service line for the client and then click Add at the bottom.

          Invoice Add Highlight 1.7.20.png
  6. In the Additional Service Lines window, click add again.

         Add Add1.7.20.png
  7. In the Select Service Lines window, search at the bottom for client number.
  8. A list of billed service lines will appear, click to highlight the service that was billed on a different invoice and click Ok.

         Add Select Okay1.7.20.png
  9. That service line will now appear in your Additional Service Lines window, click Save.

         Add Save 1.7.20.png
  10.  Return to the Invoice window, which will still be open on your browser, and verify that the service line that was billed already is still highlighted.
  11. Click Resend.
  12. In the Check window that appears, click the data link.

          Resend Create 1.7.20.png
    • Verify that both codes appear under the same claim number. 

      Review of Data Link 1.7.20.png
  13. In the Check window that will still be open, click Create.
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