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Create An Ad Hoc Bill


An ad hoc bill is a bill (invoice) you create, but never gets sent to a payer.   You may need to apply a payment to a service but do not have a balance on the applicable service line.

When to Create an Ad Hoc Bill

The three most common instances where you will need to do this are:

  • Medicare automatically forwards a patient responsibility on to a secondary payer, therefore Procentive did not create a bill for this.
  • A payer has taken back money but you expect repayment on the service.
  • A payer pays you twice for the same service.

In each of these cases, you will have already balanced the original service line, but will need to create a second bill line to post further (re)payment of that claim.

Create an Ad Hoc Bill

  1. Go to the Payments Module.
  2. To open a particular client's payment window, double-click on the client's name. 
  3. Find the Date of Service (DOS) you are working with.
    • You may need to change Show to All Dates of Service. 
  4. Click New to the right of the amount.
    • This will create a new transaction.

      ad hoc create new transaction
  5. A blue box will appear that begins with Create new payment... click out of that box.   

    ad hoc create new payment
  6. Under the Transaction Type column, Click on the down arrow to the right of Payment.

    ad hoc change transaction type
  7. Choose Bill.

  8. Select Create new invoice.
    • An New Invoice window will appear.
  9. Leave the invoice number (it's the next one in sequence) and type Ad Hoc after it.
    • Ad Hoc will indicate this bill was manually created; it was not sent to the payer. 
    • Note: Do not put any special characters into the reference such (i.e. - ?  !)

      create new invoice window.png
  10. Verify the payer is the correct payer that you are creating the new bill for.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Enter the amount of the new invoice in the Amount box.

    new ad hoc bill line in payments.png

  13. Click Save
    • You will now have a bill line to post a payment to.

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