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Create Custom Writeoff


In some instances, you will want to create custom writeoffs to select as transaction types that pertain to your agency's specific needs for tracking and reporting purposes. Below you'll find the steps to setup these custom writeoffs. These will appear in the Accounting module, ERA module, Payments module, and several reports.

Create Custom Writeoffs

  1. Go to the Settings module > Billing tab.

  2. Scroll to the Accounting section and locate the drop down menu for Number of custom writeoff fields to use:

    Custom Write Off Drop Down 1.9.20.png


  3. Select the number of custom writeoffs needed.

    • If you already have custom writeoffs setup, select the next number in the sequence.

  4. A blank Writeoff Field will appear at the bottom, enter in the custom writeoff name in both the Name and Plural fields.

    Custom Write Off Field 1.9.20.png

    • The spelling should be the same in both fields, you shouldn't add an 's' or 'es' to the name in the Plural field.

    • Leave the 'Counts as prior payment adj.' and 'Include in gross billings' set to their defaults.

  5. Click Change.

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