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Creating an Invoice


This article will walk you through how to create an invoice in the Billing Module & check the invoice before sending it.  In this process, Procentive will scrub each invoice, searching for common errors so that you can fix them prior to sending the invoice, helping you get paid the first time you submit a claim to a payer.


  1. Go to the Billing Module.
  2. Click Add.
    • The Create New Invoices window will appear.
    • In this window, you will see all the payers that have service lines associated with them in the Time Module that have yet to be billed.

      Create New Invoices 7-8-19.png
  3. Check the service lines for accuracy.
    • Click the blue link stating the name of the payer.
    • Review the information on each service line.
      • Pay particular attention to the units/hours, rate & amount submitted to the payer.
      • Double click on a service line to open the Change Time Window to edit key data, including Billing Supervisor, Date of Service, Code, Authorization, Payer, Location, Place of Service, etc.

        Reviewing service lines 7-8-19.png
  • Click Save if any data was changed.
  • Check all service lines for each payer listed.
  1. Close the service lines window. This will return you to the Create New Invoices window.
  2. Click once, not on the blue link, to highlight each payer line.

    Highlight payers 7-8-19.png
  3. Click Check to check all service lines associated with that payer for any other errors.
  4. The progress window appears. This is Procentive checking the data and service lines for common errors.
  • If the system finds anything wrong, the service line will be flagged to fix the data before creating an invoice.
    • This helps you get paid the first time you submit a claim to a payer.

      Billing progress window 7-8-19.png
  1. If the system finds errors, a Check window will appear listing the client & problem.
    • You may check the box in the Skip column to proceed with creating the invoice without this service line & fix the error later OR you may click the fix link to go directly to where the problem is & fix it.

      Fix error box 7-8-19.png
  2. Once addressed, click Check.
  3. Another progress window will appear.
  4. A Check invoices window will appear. 
    • This allows you to check the invoice number and date.
    • This is the window that will appear if the system doesn't find any errors in the invoice.

      Check invoices window 7-8-19.png
    • In this window, you will again have the opportunity to Skip invoicing a payer, check the box for Electronic Submission if applicable, check the claim for accuracy with the data link for electronic submissions or the hcfa link for paper invoices.
  5. Once all information is confirmed, click Create.

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