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Duplicate Diagnosis Error in Billing

Error Message

You have duplicate diagnoses.


This error is found in the Billing Module > Add window when checking services to be billed.  This error will appear when a service line has the same diagnosis code selected more than once.


  1. On the error line, click fix.

    Duplicate Dx.png
  2. Click the Diagnoses tab.

    Change Time Diagnoses Tab.png
  3. Hold down Ctrl (Command on Mac) key on your keyboard and click once on the duplicate diagnosis code(s) to un-select it from the list.

    Change Time Dx Duplicate.png
  4. Click Save
  5. Return to the Create New Invoices error window.
  6. Click Check.

Note: We recommend reviewing the Client module > Diagnosis tab and updating if needed to prevent duplicate diagnosis codes on claims in the future.

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