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Find and Resolve Errors in the Time Module


When a service line has an error in the Time Module it cannot be billed. Changes to a service line, prior to billing, should be done from the Time Module by editing the original service line. This article will explain how to locate these errors and provide some helpful tips on how to remove the errors.

Find Errors

  1. Go to the Time Module
  2. Update the Errors filter to Only Errors.
    • The page will refresh to show only errors.

      Errors Filter.png
  3. Open additional filters to see all possible errors.
    • Date Range: Select a date range, such as Last 90 Days.
    • View: Individual
    • Staff: All
    • Locations: All (if applicable)
    • Programs: All (if applicable)
      • Your page will refresh to show the errors that meet your filter criteria.
  4. Hover your mouse over the black note icon to see the error message.

Resolve Errors

Note: Sometimes the change that is needed has already been made.  Example: The error says This client has no payer.  The payer has since been updated in the client's record, but the line still contains an error.  In this case, simply open the service line and re-save it to update and remove the error.  

  1. Double-click on the service line (anywhere that is not a blue link).
    • This will open the service line. 
  2. Resolve any errors.​​
    • You may need to visit another module, such as Clients Module or Payers Module, to resolve the error.
    • Helpful Hint:  Click on the Client link within this window to edit information in the clients record (i.e. add payer or authorization).
  3. Click Save.
  4. Verify that the service line is no longer listed in this Only Errors view.
    • If the error remains the cause of the error has not yet been resolved.
      • If you are unable to determine the resolution needed, please submit a ticket to the Procentive Support Desk.

Important: Please do not use the Change Time Window to update these errors; changes to the Change Time Window will not remove these errors. The Change Time Window should only be used after a service line has been billed.

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