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Invoice Window


The Invoice Window contains specific details regarding what was submitted on a particular invoice.  You can also make changes to a service line and resend that service line to the same payer.  If a claim has been resubmitted multiple times, you will see that information here.


invoice window


Time Tab

  • Shows which service lines were submitted on this invoice. 
  • Double-click on any service line to open the Change Time window

When viewing/changing multiple service lines, be sure to un-highlight the previous service line you were viewing or else you will be viewing the Change Time Window for the first service line. 

See When a Service Line is Submitted or Re-submitted
  • Click on the arrow arrow_closed.gif to the left of the date.  Each line with Date, Batch and Claim information indicates a submission.   
  • A checkbox in the Balanced? column means there is not an outstanding balance for this service, either because payment was received or it was adjusted off.  

Claims Tab

  • Lists all batch reports for this invoice. 
  • Double-click to open the batch report and view the X12 Summary, which includes details of what was submitted on and electronic claim. 

History Tab

Show a list of notes related to the invoice.

Payment Tab

Show any payments related to service lines in this invoice.

Additional Resouces

Resend a Claim

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