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Resend a Claim


Learn how to resend a service line/claim.

Locate the Invoice Window

You can resend a claim from any Invoice Window. The Invoice Window can be found in:

  • Billing Module: Double-click on the invoice line
  • Electronic Module: Click on the Invoice link
  • ERA Module > Payment Entry Mode > Claim Information: Click on the Invoice link
  • Payments Module > Payments Window: Click on the Reference link
  • Change Time Window > Billing & Payment tab: Click on the Number link

Resend Claim  

  1. Open the Invoice Window.  

  2. Locate the service line(s) that is ready for resubmission.
    • If you need to make a change to the service line information prior to resending, double-click on the service line to open the Change Time Window.
  3. Click (to highlight) each service line. 
  4. Click Resend in the bottom of the window.
    • A window will open as Procentive proceeds to check for errors.
    • If you receive errors:
      1. Click on the fix link to the right of the line to resolve the error. 
      2. Click Check (continue until all errors are resolved). 
  5. When there are no errors, you will receive the Confirm Invoices window.

    confirm invoices window.png
  6. Click on the data link to verify the data is traveling correctly on the claim.
  7. Check the Electronic Submission check box (if necessary).
  8. Click Create.
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