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Send Claims to a New / Correct Payer


There may be times when claims are sent to the wrong payer and you need to resend them to a new / correct payer. Below are instructions on how to do this in Procentive.

Write Off Charges Billed to the Incorrect Payer

  1. Go to the Payments Module and locate the client.
  2. Double-click on the clients name to open the client Payments window and locate the DOS that needs to be re-billed.

    Payments Module Clients View
  3. Click on the new link on the bill line.
  4. Select Create new payment from the reference menu.

    Create new payment
  5. In the New Payment window,
    1. Create a "Wrong Payer" payment reference for the payer that was billed incorrectly
    2. Enter Amount 0.00
    3. Click Save.

  6. In the Type column, click the down arrow and select the option that best describes the situation: Wrong Payer, Billed in Error, Writeoff, etc.
  7. Enter the full amount of the bill in the Amount field (should default to full remaining balance).
  8. Click save to the right of the Amount.

    Wrong payer Transaction type

Queue the DOS for the Correct Payer

  1. For each DOS to be resubmitted, click on the down arrow underneath the Payer column.

    Queue for new payer
  2. Select the correct payer.
    • The payer's name will appear in pink on the top of the bill line. The service line will now be in the Billing Module, ready to be billed.

      Bright pink queued
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