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Set up a Bill-To Provider


When a staff is registered with a payer to submit claims under their own personal information, they will need to be setup as a bill-to provider to reflect their information correctly on the claims. A bill-to provider will receive all payments directly from the payer and no agency information will be displayed on the claim.

Bill-To Provider Setup

A staff should only be setup as a bill-to provider if they have registered with the payer on their own, as a sole proprietor. All payment and remit information will be sent directly to the staff and not the agency. This will be rare and for most staff, these settings outlined below should be left at their defaults. 

Staff Module

  1. Go to Staff module > Address tab.
    • Complete all fields.

      Staff Address 4.14.2020.png
  2. Go to the Billing tab.
    • Complete the Tax Id and National Provider ID (NPI) fields.
    • Change Bill-to Provider drop down to Yes if the staff is setup as a bill-to provider for all payers.

      Staff Billing Billto 4.14.20.png
  3. Click Save

Payers Module

If a staff is not a bill-to provider for all payers, you will need to select the bill-to provider information in the specific payers this applies to.

  1. Go to the Payers module > Rates tab > Staff sub-tab.

    Payers Rates Staff 4.14.20.png
  2. Enter the Staff and change Bill To column to Yes.

    Payers Rates Staff Bill To 4.14.20.png
  3. Save.
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