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Split a Service Line


This article will go over how to handle separating one service line into two service lines. This can be especially helpful in residential services when dealing with Leave of Absences in the middle of services.

Splitting Residential Lines

  1. Go to the Time Module.
  2. Search for the client.
  3. Click on the date to open the Change Time Window.
  4. Stay in the Time tab.
  5. Select the Split Service link.
    • The Split Residential Service window will open.
  6. Choose the date that you would like to start the new service line.
  7. Click Save in the Split Residential Service window.
  8. Click Save in the Change Time Window.

 If you refresh the window (or press F5) the Time Module will refresh to show the separated service lines. The new service line will be added to the billing queue.



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