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Submit Paper Claims


Learn to create a paper invoice for any payer set up in Procentive. Billing out paper claims is very similar to sending claims electronically.

Create the Printable Claim

  1. Click Payers Module.
  2. Double-click the payer you want to submit a paper claim to.
    • A window will pop-up.
  3.  Click Contact tab.
  4.  Enter the address to whom the claims will be sent.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Billing Module.
  7. Click Add addplus.up.jpg.
    • A Create New Invoices window will open.
  8. Click once on the Payer line (where there is not a blue link) to send on paper.
    • It will highlight blue. 
  9. Click Check Check.up.png.
    • Assuming there are no errors, a Confirm Invoices window will open.
  10. Verify that the Electronic Submission checkbox is not checked for the payer.
    • Not checking the box will create a paper claim.
    • The Electronic Submission checkbox will not appear for Generic, County, or Private Pay payers.
  11. Click Create create.png .
    • The window will close and bring you back to your main screen in Billing. 
  12. Locate the invoice that was just created and click the open link in the HCFA column.


  13. Print out the HCFAs.
  14. Mail your print outs to the payer.
  15. Check the box in the Sent to Payer column stating that you have mailed the claim to the payer. 

 payer checkbox

If the payer requires the official HCFA form you'll need to purchase the forms from a trusted source.

ml: link to making the proper adustments when complete

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