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Troubleshoot Aging Invoices


Aging Invoices are invoices that remain unpaid in Procentive and can be found in the Collections Module. This article will provide some troubleshooting suggestions for the common reasons why a service line appears in the Collections Module as unpaid.

To Begin Troubleshooting

  1. Go to the Collections Module and double click on a payer.
Claim was rejected.
  1. Locate a date of service to research and click the batch link in the Batch References column.

  2. In the Batch Report, review the details from the clearinghouse and payer to determine of the date of service was accepted or rejected.
    • Search for a keyword such as Accept or Reject  using  Ctrl key (Command on Mac) + F to quickly find acceptance and rejection notices.
      • Common rejections and resolutions can be found in the Knowledge Hub by searching for the rejection message or reviewing the rejection articles in the Biller category  > Billing section > Rejections folder.
  3. If a rejection reason is listed on the Batch Report determine the cause and resend the service to the payer.
    • If the rejection reason is unclear, please submit a ticket to the Procentive Support Desk for assistance. 

Note: If a claim was rejected and you are unsure what the rejection means you can find common rejection reasons and resolutions in this Claim Rejections article.

Note:  If there is not a batch link listed, this indicates that this invoice is an Ad Hoc invoice and this hasn't yet been billed to the payer.

Claim was billed in error.
  1.  If billed in error, write off the balance.
    • A claim may have been billed in error for any of the following reasons:
      • A duplicate service line was billed.
      • An Ad Hoc bill line was entered in the Payments Module and is not needed.
      • Billed to wrong payer.
      • Service never occurred; client did not attend.
Payment has not been allocated.
  1. Locate a date of service to research and click the pmt link.

    • If a balance remains on the service line in the Payments Window, check to be sure that everything for the date of service was posted correctly. It could be that an adjustment was not posted or posted incorrectly.
    • If there isn't an ERA link, you may need to call the payer to determine if they paid or denied the claim and why.
    • If an ERA link is present in the Payments Window,  click on it to determine if the service was denied for a specific reason or if the payer paid and the payment was never posted.

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