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Verify Modifiers Are Traveling On Claims


When setting up your EHR, you are able to automate some of the more common modifiers and specify which codes they should accompany.  Prior to sending your claims, you will have the opportunity to verify (and edit if necessary) each modifier.  This article explains where you will see this information.

Where To Verify

As you are sending new claims you can verify each modifier that is traveling prior to creating the invoices. 

confirm invoices data link.jpg

  1. In the Confirm Invoices Window.
  2. Click data on the line for the Invoice you wish to review.
    • The X12 Claim Data window will open in Edit mode (the Edit radio button at top is selected)
    • This view lists each code, along with any modifiers that will be sent

      edit window.jpg
  3. If you need to make a change, change the modifier in the edit box. 
  4. Click Save. 

Check Modifiers On Claims Already Sent

The best place to verify what was sent on a claim is by viewing the X12 Summary (the claim data report).  Modifiers can be found in the Service Loop section of this report.