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ICD10 Diagnosis For Services Rendered

Error Message

ICD10. Note: At least one other status code is required to identify the related procedure code or diagnosis code. Status: Diagnosis code(s) for the services rendered.


This error will appear as a rejection in the Electronic Module.  It means there is a more specific diagnosis code that must be chosen.


  1. Click on the Electronic Module.
  2. Click on the Invoice link for the invoice with this error.
  3. Double click on the service that the error applies to.
  4. Click the Diagnoses Tab.
  5. Hold the Ctrl key and click the rejected diagnosis.
    • This will deselect the diagnosis.
  6. Continue holding the Ctrl key and click the updated diagnosis.
    • This will select the diagnosis so it is sent on the claim.
  7. Click Save.
  8. At the Invoice Window, click on the service line once to highlight.
  9. Click Resend resend.up.gif.
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