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Procentive Knowledge Hub

Max Use Exceeded

Error Message

Max use exceeded. Segment AMT (Remaining Patient Liability) at guideline position 3000 has been used 2 times. This Segment has a maximum use limit of 1.


This error appears as a rejection in the in the Electronic Module. The COB tab contains the Remaining Patient Liability amount; Procentive automatically places this on the claim.


  1. Go to the Electronic Module.
  2. Click on the invoice number link.
  3. Double click on the service line that has the error.
  4. Click on the COB tab.
  5. In the lower section, in the column titled AMT Qualifier Code, you will find the the selection Remaining Patient Liability EAF - 5010 only. Click Delete  delete.dark.up.gif  to remove this line. 
  6. Click Save​​​​​​​.
  7. At the invoice window, click on the service line to highlight.
  8. Click Resend resend.up.gif.