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Service Unit Count Required

Error Message

Service Unit Count: Required, Must be entered for service line revenue code.


This error appears as a rejection in the in the Electronic Module. It is specific to institutional inpatient claims where Treatment and Room and Board codes are sent together. Some payers require that the Treatment code be sent with standard units (coded as UN on the x12) and Room and Board codes be submitted with day units (DA).


  1. Go to the Payers Module.
  2. Double-click the payer line you need to work with.
  3. Click the Rates tab
  4. Click on the Codes sub-tab.
  5. In the Code column, use the pick list  pick list.png to select the appropriate treatment code (if code is not already entered here).

Do not enter the Room and Board code here.  Only enter the Treatment code!

  1. Enter 0.00 into the Rate/Units column for the treatment code (unless this is where you have your codes and rates entered, in which case leave the rate as is).
  2. To the far right in the Units column, select Units.

    This column only appears in certain payers. If you do not see a Units column for the payer you’ve received this claim rejection for, please contact Procentive's Support Desk.

  3.  Click Add  Add rounded little.jpg  if adding the code.
  4. Click Save save_sm.gif.

Resend the Claim

  1. Go to the Electronic Module.
  2. Open the the Invoice Window by clicking on the correct invoice number. 
  3. Select both the treatment code and the room and board code that rejected.
    • ​Each line will be highlighted as you select them. 
  4. Choose Resend resend.up.gif at the bottom on the window. 
  5. Continue through each of the billing screens.

Note:  If you need to verify how a code is currently setup,

  1. Go to the Codes Module
  2. Double-click the code to open.
  3. Click on the Billing tab.
  4. Under the section titled Residential, if Day Units is set to No then the code is setup as regular units (UN). If set to Yes, the code is setup as day units (DA).

Internal Note: Yes, the Codes sub-tab is correct. It's a particular scenario and only pertains to certain payers. The rate is set up in the Programs/Codes sub-tab, but the field that needs to be connected to the code is in the Codes sub-tab.

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