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Clients Module Filters


The filters at the top of the Client Module can be used to locate clients that fit into a set of criteria.  These filters are based on the permissions assigned to the staff logged in. This article will explain the criteria for each filter and the different permission options.

client module filters 3-28-2018.png


Client Location:  Filters records based on the Default location selected for this client in the Clients Module > Client tab.  Note: If your database does not use locations (if you have not added any locations to the Locations Module), you will not see this filter.

clients default location 3-28-2018.png


Client for:  Will show clients if the staff selected is listed on Clients Module > Staff tab.

Note:  This field will default to the staff logged in or to [All Staff].

  • When the staff that is logged in has a Type = Therapy/Counseling in the Staff Module > Role tab, this field will default to their name.
  • When the staff that is logged in has a Type = Administration in the Staff Module > Role tab, this field will default [All Staff].

client module clients for 3-28-2018.png

Show only Clients Where Staff Is Primary:  
Will show clients only when that staff is defined as the Primary Provider (Clients Module > Staff tab).

Program:  Will show clients that have been associated with the program chosen (Clients Module > Programs/Groups tab).

Client Status:  This field filters records based on the Active Status.

clients module active status 3-28-2018.png

Note Type:  This field can be used to search for specific note types.  Note types are assigned in the Clients Module > Notes tab.

clients module filter note type 3-28-2018.png


Note: If you are not familiar with editing staff roles, please review this support article before making any changes: Change Permissions (Edit a Role).

These permissions, listed under the Clients section, pertain to Clients Module filters:

permissions-clients locations 3-28-2018.png

To start, decide which locations staff can see. You will want to give your staff one of these permissions

permission-see all locations 3-28-2018.png Will allow staff to see all locations even if they're not associated to the location in the Staff Module > Locations tab.


permission-see staffs locations 03-28-2018.png Will allow a staff to only see locations they are associated with in the Staff Module > Locations tab.

In addition, when a client does not have a Default location assigned in the Clients Module > Client tab, consider giving staff access to 

permission-see no location specified 3-28-2018.png Which will allow staff to see and choose [No Location Specified]


Next decide which staff they can see.

permission-see all staff 3-28-2018.png Will allow them to see all staff for the locations they are associated with in the Staff Module > Locations tab.

  • If they should have the ability to see clients for a different staff (when they are not listed in the Clients Module > Staff tab).
  • De-selecting this permission will allow the user to only see them self as an option, as well as anyone they are listed as a clinical supervisor for on the Staff Module > Role tab.   

permission-see all staff at a location 3-28-2018.png

Important Notes:

  • If your database does not have locations, you should have this option checked: permission-see no location specified 3-28-2018.png
  • If you have locations in your database and you are not assigning clients a Default location in the Clients Module > Client tab, to see these clients you must assign your staff one of the following: permission-see no location specified 3-28-2018.png or permission-see all locations 3-28-2018.png 
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