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Clients Module Warning - Missing Policy ID


This warning about an empty policy ID appears when you go to save a client record in the Clients Module. If you so choose, you are still able to save and close the client record by clicking Done on the warning window. However, if you click Back, then it will allow you to look for and correct the missing information.


When clicking Save in the Clients Module, a warning appears that states the group / individual policy ID cannot be empty, but when looking in the client’s Payers tab, the policy ID is there. 

Policy ID Warning


The warning is to inform you that there is data missing from fields that are required for billing. Leaving these fields empty will potentially keep you from billing for this client. This warning can be confusing if you look in the Clients Module > Payers tab and see policy IDs already entered. In such instances, the warning is most likely triggered by a secondary and/or inactive payer on the client’s file or a blank space at the end of the policy ID.                            


  1. Go to the Clients Module.
  2. Double-click the client receiving the error.
  3. Click the Payers tab.
  4. Confirm that both the Policy Group Number and Individual policy ID are entered for the primary payer.
    • ​Verify that there aren't any blank spaces after the IDs.
  5. Click on the payer drop down to see whether there is a secondary and/or inactive payer.
    • This is most likely where the blank policy ID is located.

      Secondary Payer
  6. Select the secondary payer.
    • ​The screen will refresh.
  7. Confirm that both the Policy Group Number and Individual policy Id are entered.
  8. Click Save.
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