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Create a New Client Group


This article will show you how to create client groups in the Clients Group Module in Procentive.

Create a New Client Group

Guidelines For Creating Client Groups
  • Client groups are determined primarily by WHO attends the group or by the TOPIC. For example:
    • Women's Outpatient vs Men's Outpatient
    • Eating Disorders Support Group vs Mindfulness Group
    • Tuesday Men's Group vs. Friday Men's Group (where each day has a distinct list of attendees; the Tuesday clients only attend the Tuesday group, and the same with the Friday group)
Steps to Create a New Client Group
  1. Go to the Client Groups Module.
  2. Click Add. addplus.up.jpg
    • The Add Client Groups window will appear.
  3. Fill in the following fields of the Client Group tab: 
    1. Enter a Name for the group. (eg. Life Skills, Meditation, etc.)
    2. Select a Place of service from the drop-down.
    3. Select a Default location (if provided at only one location).

    4. Enter a Max Group Size if desired.
      • If you choose to enter a number here, it will be reflected in the Clients Module > Programs/Groups tab, as shown below.  The number in parenthesis after the Client Group name states the (# of clients enrolled in the group/max group size) indicating how full the group is. 

  4. Click on the Clients tab.
  5. Add clients to the group:
    1. Click on the  pick list pick list.png.
      • The Select Clients window will appear.
    2. Scroll through the list and click once on each client name that participates in the group.
      • This will cause the name to appear in a darker shade of blue.
    3. Once you are finished selecting clients, click OK.

      Select Clients Window
      • The Select Clients window will close.
      • The names will all appear in the Clients tab.

        Clients Tab - Client Groups
  6. Click Save save.up.gif

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