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Manage Lab Result Exceptions


If you're missing lab results, they may have come back but were unable to be matched to a client. Use the Lab Result Exceptions feature to match these lab results to their respective clients.

Add Permission

Access to the Lab Exceptions Handler is permissions based. In order to access the feature, a new permission must be added. 
  1. Follow the steps to Change Permissions (Edit a Role) and add the following permission.
  2. Clients > "With this permission, the staff will be able to access the Lab Result Exceptions link in the Clients Module".
  3. Log out and back in for the new permission to take effect. 


Lab Result Exceptions

View Outstanding Exceptions
  1. Open the Clients Module and locate the Lab Result Exceptions link.
    • The number of outstanding (un-matched) exceptions are in parentheses. 
  2. Click on the Lab Result Exceptions link to open the Exceptions Handler. 
  3. In the new window you will see the list of outstanding exceptions and how they were reported by the Lab. Use this information to find which client they belong to.
Match Exceptions to Clients

Click the pick-list button  to select the client and click 

  • If the wrong client was selected by accident, use the pick-list  to re-select the client. 
  • To start over and not save your changes, click cancel.gif.


View Log of Previously Matched Exceptions

Select the Log tab to view a full historical log of all lab results matched using the Exceptions Handler.



Additional Resources

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