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Scan Payer Information


This article includes information on how to scan in payer information, such as a service agreement, authorization, or a copy of the client's insurance card.

Important Note: If this is your first attempt to scan, you will need to first Set Up Scanning. 

Scan Payer Information

  1. Go to the Clients Module.
  2. Double click on the client to open the client's record
  3. Click on the Payers tab
  4. Click on the Documents sub-tab.
  5. Click the scan link.

    scan from the payers subtab.png
    • A Scan to Procentive Window will open.

Note:  This scan link will be available once a payer has assigned to the client.  If you do not see the scan link, click to choose the payer.

  1. Verify that your scanner is listed in the this window under Select Source.
  2. Click Scan.

    scan step 1.png
    • The result is that you should now be able to see the document that was scanned directly into Procentive.  
    • To scan multiple pages from a single sheet feeder, just load a new page and click scan after each page.

      scan step 2.png
  3. Enter a File Name: 
  4. Click Upload File.
    • This window will close and the file name will appear just above the scan link.
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