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Set Up Client Portal For Your Agency


When you first turn on Client Portal in Procentive, there is some preliminary set-up to choose and customize what you would like clients to see and do through the portal. This article will walk you through each of the steps you will need to take in order to set-up Client Portal through Procentive.

Initial Setup for Your Agency

Step 1: Change Permissions for Applicable Staff.

This article will explain how to give Permissions for Client Portal and Messaging Modules.  

We recommend you first give this permission to your champions only, until you have had the chance to setup Client Portal and test it.

Step 2:  Turn on the Module.

If you have the necessary permissions but do not see the Client Portal Manager Module listed in Procentive, ensure that Client Portal has been enabled for your agency. This is found in the Settings Module, Setup Tab under Miscellaneous.

If you have the necessary permissions but do not see the Messaging Module listed in Procentive, send a ticket to Procentive to request the Messaging Module be turned on.

Step 3: Set up for your Agency

Review the Client Portal Settings article. 

Step 4: Setup/change other related settings

Review Other Setting for Client Portal article. 

Review Staff Availability article.

Step 5: Test invitation on a FAKE client & make any needed modifications

Review Client Portal Manager article. 

Review Invitations for Portal article.

Review Message Module article.

Step 6: Follow steps as the client to register and log into the Client Portal

Review Client Perspective (for Staff) article.

Review Overview of Client Portal (for Clients)


When you test Client Portal for your agency using a fake client, be sure to log in to Client Portal in a different web browser than the one in which you are logged in to Procentive, otherwise the Client Portal page will error out. For example, if you are logged into Procentive on Internet Explorer and want to pull up Client Portal next to it, please log in to Client Portal using Google Chrome.

If you have only one web browser available, make sure that you have logged out of Procentive completely prior to logging in to Client Portal.


There are 2 places from which you can kiosk blank clinical documents:

1) Appointments Module > click once on an appointment > click Have client fill out form at home/on kiosk link

2) Clients Module > kiosk link on the right side of the screen

There is 1 place from which you can kiosk already created clinical documents:

1) Clinical/Charting Module > locate the document > kiosk link on the right side of the screen

Step 7: Turn on Staff Permissions and train other staff on Client Portal

Additional Resources

CareCast Webinar: Client Portal Setup

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CareCast Webinar: Kiosk Forms Using Client Portal


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