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Agile Clinical Documents Development Process


This article outlines the process of requesting a set of new clinical documents. New sets are needed for new Procentive clients and when existing Procentive clients add new programs.
Agile Document Infographic noKH.jpg

Decision Stage

Prior to your Project Consultation, please

  • Provide a list of all clinical documents and include the following:
    • Priority (what needs to be completed first, second, third, etc.
      • Based on the number, size and complexity of your documents, we may suggest that you allow us to build your documents in multiple phases called “Sprints”.  That will allow us to deliver your most critical documents more quickly.
    • Specify the Name/Title of each document
    • Specify the type: Diagnostic Assessment, Treatment Plan, Progress Note, Discharge, Client, etc.
  • Please review this list of questions: Agile Process Questions


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