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Procentive Knowledge Hub

Create a Clinical Document


Learn to create a clinical document such as a Diagnostic Assessment, Treatment Plan, or Case Note.

Create a Clinical Document

  1. Click on the Clinical/Charting module .

  2. Click Add . A Document selection window will appear. 

  3. Click the pick list  button.

  4. Click the client's name you are creating the document for.

  5. Program: Select a program from the drop down. Note: this may or may not be required based on your database.

  6. Find the document you want to create and click the radio button to the left of the document name.


  • Show all: If you do not see the document you need to create, click the Show all checkbox  to expand the list of documents that are displayed.
  • Form: You can also type in a portion of the document name into the Form search tool to narrow the list of document options.
  1. Click OK  .

Note: Example of a document (with chosen P386-1200 Individual Treatment Plan) below.