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Create a Group Note Without a Service Line


Group note functionality allows you to document what happened in a group setting and document on more than one client at a time.  These instructions will walk you through how to create a group note when there is no service line involved (when a service line is involved you will want to record this information from the Time module).

Select the Group

  1. Go to the Clinical/Charting module.
  2. Click Add 
    • A document selection window will open.
  3. Click Add Group Note.
    • An Add Group Note window will open.
  4. Select group members using fields provided; you will want to work from top to bottom, choosing Location first (if applicable).
    • If group members are consistent, our recommendation is to set this up using the Client Groups Module.  If not, use the client field to search for clients by name. 
    • As you make your selections, client names will appear in the section titled Available Clients.
  5. Place names in the Scheduled Clients section by choosing All all.light.up.gif or by selecting one at a time and clicking the arrow arrow.forward.jpg
    • You can move names from one side to the other using the arrows arrow.back.jpg arrow.forward.jpg
  6. Click Ok.
    • This will bring you back to the document selection window; you will now see each chosen client listed in the top section.
  7. Make a Program selection for each client (if applicable).
  8. Select the document (group note) by clicking on the radio button to the left of the document name.
    • The group note will open in a new window or tab for you to complete.
  9. Click OK

Important Note:  You must select a document that was designed with Group note functionality, typically that means the word group note is in the name field.


  • If you do not see the document you need to create, click the Show all checkbox to expand the list of documents.
  • Type a portion of the document name into the Form search tool to narrow the list of documents.

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