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Learn what dataflow is and the benefits of using it.


Dataflow allows clinical information on a client to move from one document to another for that client.  This can significantly cut down the amount of time required to enter in client data. Often times, agencies have a set of forms for a program that include documentation of the same information throughout. Dataflow keeps the information flowing to the next document in the Client’s course of treatment. 

Identifying Dataflow

Within your clinical document, a section highlighted green indicates that data is being pulled from a previous document.  This example shows the diagnosis information flowing from the Diagnostic Assessment to the Treatment Plan. 

dataflow example.png


Data will flow to a document only when the document is first created or added (as soon as you click the OK button from the Clinical/Charting > Add window). The data will flow from the most recent, active record for that client, within that program.

If data does not flow into the clinical document when the document is first added, something is wrong with your dataflow.  Data will not flow into this clinical document in the future, such as when it is opened a second time.  You will want to troubleshoot why before moving forward. 

Important Note: 
The information that flows from one form to the next depends upon how your forms were created in conversation with your Procentive Forms Consultant.


Dataflow Helps Clinicians 

Dataflow helps Clinicians remain as accurate as possible by cutting down the number of entries for similar sections throughout their form set.

Dataflow Acts as  a Reminder 

Dataflow can act as a great reminder tool if a client record needs updating. Instead of opening and reviewing a previous clinical document for a client, the data for the most recent entry for that client will automatically populate into the field in the client’s current document.  

Dataflow Helps With Efficiency 

One of the best ways to use Dataflow is in a Problems/Goals section within a Treatment Plan.  Multiple problems, that have been added in an add table, can be set up to dataflow into a drop down menu (a list of options) within the Progress Note.  From there, one problem can be chosen and documented for each Progress Note. 

Additional Resources

Dataflow Options: Prior to building dataflow into your clinical forms, it is helpful to have a sense of how dataflow can function.