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Digital Signature Application


Once a clinician has created a digital signature password, they will have an option to sign clinical documents by entering this password.  This article will show you how to apply the password and what it looks like once applied.

Applying a Digital Signature

  1. Click on the Clinical/Charting Module.
  2. Double-click on the line of the document you want to open (where there is not a blue link).
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the document where signatures are located. 
  4. Enter your password next to the appropriate signature field.
  1. Click Sign sign.up.gif.
    • Your password will be replaced with your digital signature, credentials, and a date stamp.
    • To add/change your signing credentials, see the article Update Staff Signing Credentials

      signing a clinical doc with digital pass2.jpg
  2. Close the clinical document.
  3. Refresh your screen (if you do not have a short key for this, clicking on the Clinical/Charting Module will refresh your screen).
    • The column with the clipboard  displays how many signatures have been applied to a clinical document.
    • Notice the number of signatures has updated.
    • If all signatures for a document have been applied, the column will display a checked box.