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Edit/Change a Pick List


If you use pick lists in your clinical forms, you may find over time that you want to edit the options in these lists.  You may need to remove a duplicate entry or correct a typo. This article will instruct you on where you can edit the master list.

Assign Permission  

The ability to do this is permission-based; therefore, you may need to assign permission by editing the applicable roles.  If you are not familiar with editing staff roles, please review this support article:  Change Permissions (Edit a Role).

edit lists permission 8-18-17.png

Edit a Pick List

  1. Go to the Clinical/Charting Module.
  2. In the top portion of the screen, click on the Other actions drop-down menu.

    edit lists dropdown 8-18-17.png

Note: If you do not see this drop-down menu, click more in the upper right-hand side of the screen.

  1. Choose Edit Lists from this drop-down.
    • A popup window will appear.

  2. List: Click on the drop down for List and select the list you would like to edit.
    • Once you select the list, you will be able to see your entries.
  3. Select the entry you want to change by clicking on it.
    • Your entry will now appear on the right-hand side of the window in the Description box. 
  4. Make your changes in this box.
  5. Select Change, or Delete if applicable.
  6. Continue to make additional changes, clicking on Change after each adjustment.
  7. Close the window when finished.