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How To Sign Multiple Clinical Documents


Clinicians are able to review and sign multiple clinical documents at one time using the Clinical Charting batch sign feature.  This article will cover how to do this.

Examples of when you might use this feature:

  • When a clinician finishes charting at the end of the day/week
  • When a supervisor is signing off on their supervisees' documentation
  • If an additional signature is needed on a group note

Important Note:  You will only be able to sign multiple forms if you have set up your digital signature.

Sign Multiple Clinical Document at Once

  1. Click the Clinical/Charting Module.
  2. To select multiple documents, click once to highlight the first clinical document, then   
    • If the documents are not listed in order - hold down your CTRL key and click on each additional document
    • If  the documents are listed in order - hold down your Shift key and click once on the last clinical document. This will highlight all forms in between. 
  3. Once you have highlighted all documents you need to sign, click Change  change.pencil.jpg (in the upper right).
    • This will open a new window titled Change Documents where you have various batch change options.

      batch change window.jpg
  4. Optional: Click the Review All link to review the PDF print version of all documents prior to signing them.
    • Once you are done reviewing the PDF you can close the window or tab. 
  5. Click the Sign All link.
    • This will open another window called Sign Documents.  Each chosen document will be listed.
    • To the right of each documents, there is a signature dropdown menu that will show you available signatures for these clinical documents. It will also give you the option [do not sign], in case you do not want to sign one of these documents at this time.

      signing multiple clinical docs.jpg
  6. In the Signature column: Use the dropdown to select the signature for each document.
  7. In Signature Password (field at top of window): enter your digital signature password.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Close the change documents window.
  10. Refresh your screen (if you do not have a short key for this, clicking on the Clinical Charting Module will refresh the screen).
    • The column with the clipboard  displays how many signatures have been applied to each clinical document.
    • Notice the number of signatures for these clinical documents will have updated.
    • If all signatures for a document have been applied, the column will display a checked box.
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