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Procentive Standard Form Sets


These are commonly used clinical documents.  We refer to them as sets because the documents in a particular set work together. For example, rather than typing in the same information from one document to the next, we've automated this for you using a feature called dataflow. These sets are free to all Procentive and BillCare customers.


What's in a Form Set?

A form set typically includes an assessment, treatment plan, progress note and a discharge summary.


Commonly Used Sets

Mental Health
  • PRO-1109 MH Diagnostic Assessment
  • PRO-1113 Alternate Diagnostic Assessment
  • PRO-1202 MH Treatment Plan
  • PRO-1307 MH Progress/Case Note
  • PRO-1308 MH Group Progress Note
  • PRO-1404 MH Discharge Summary
Chemical Dependency Rule 25/31- Simple Version
  • PRO-1133S Comprehensive Assessment
  • PRO-1134S Comprehensive Assessment Summary
  • PRO-1233S Individual Treatment Plan
  • PRO-1335S Progress Note and Treatment Plan Review
  • PRO-1433S Summary at Termination of Services

The above set was designed using this MN DHS documentation: Requirements for Rule 31 clinical documents

Chemical Dependency Rule 25/31 - Expanded Version
  • PRO-1125  State Rule 25 Assessment
  • PRO-1127 Rule 25 Assessment Placement Summary
  • PRO-1131 Comprehensive Assessment
  • PRO-1132 Comprehensive Assessment Summary
  • PRO-1140 DAANES Client Admission
  • PRO-1231 Treatment Plan
  • PRO-1331 Progress Note and Treatment Plan Review
  • PRO-1431 Discharge Summary
  • PRO-1440 DAANES Discharge
Chemical Dependency 245G -  Simple Version
  • PRO-245G-1100S Comprehensive Assessment (245GS)
  • PRO-245G-1101S Comprehensive Assessment Summary (245GS)
  • PRO-245G-1200S Individual Treatment Plan (245GS)
  • PRO-245G-1300S Documentation of Treatment Services/Treatment Plan Review (245GS)
  • PRO-245G-1301  245G Simple Progress Note
  • PRO-245G-1400S Service Discharge Summary (245GS)
  • PRO-245G-1000 Initial Services Plan and Vulnerable Adult Determination (245G)

The above set was designed using this MN DHS documentation:  Requirements for 245G clinical documents

Chemical Dependency 245G - Expanded Version
  • PRO-245G-1000 ISP and VA Determination
  • PRO-245G-E1125 State Rule 25 Assessment
  • PRO-245G-E1127 Rule 25 Assessment Placement Summary
  • PRO-245G-E1100 245G Comprehensive Assessment and Summary
  • PRO-245G-E1101 245G Comprehensive Assessment Summary
  • PRO-245G-E1140 DAANES Client Admission 245G
  • PRO-245G-E1200 245G Treatment Plan
  • PRO-245G-E1300 245G Progress Note/Treatment Plan Review
  • PRO-245G-1301 Individual/Group Progress Note (245G)
  • PRO-245G-E1336 DAANES 6 Month Review 245
  • PRO-245G-E1400 245G Discharge Summary
  • PRO-245G-E1440 DAANES Discharge 245G
  • PRO-1115 ARMHS Functional Assessment
  • PRO-1214 ARMHS Crisis Plan
  • PRO-1213 ARMHS ITP
  • PRO-1315 ARMHS Group Note
  • PRO-1312 ARMHS Interpretive Summary
  • PRO-1313 ARMHS Progress Note
  • PRO-1314 Collateral Note
  • PRO-1406 ARMHS Discharge Summary
  • PRO-1114 CTSS Diagnostic Assessment
  • PRO-1212 CTSS Treatment Plan
  • PRO-1311 CTSS Progress Note 
  • PRO-1405 CTSS Discharge Summary
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