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Request Changes to Your Online Clinical Documents


When requesting changes to your online clinical documents, we ask that you note these changes on the current online clinical document so that Procentive staff can see exactly what and where you need the change.  This article will instruct you on how you can do this.


  1. Click on Clinical Charting.

  2. Create a Clinical Document.

HIPAA TIP: We suggest you re-create this document with a fake client.

  1. Click on the blue background inside the form to make sure it is selected.

  2. Click Ctrl+A on a PC or Command+A on a Mac.

    • This is a Select All command.

  3. Click Crtl+P on a PC or Command+ on a Mac.

    •  This is a Print command.

    • A print window will open.

  4. Click Print.

  5. Note all of the changes that are needed on the printed copy by writing them in by hand.

    • If the document number and name are not on the printed copy, please write that in as well.

  6. Scan that document into your PC.

  7. Save that document to your PC.

  8. Create a Support Ticket.

  9. Attach the document to the support ticket.
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