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Reset a Digital Signing Password


For security reasons, Procentive employees cannot update or modify digital signature passwords for our customers. If you digitally sign your clients’ forms and have forgotten your signing password, you have a couple options for how you or fellow staff at your organization can reset it.

Option 1:  If you remember the response to your challenge question.

  1. Go to the Settings Module.
  2. Click on the Password tab.
  3. Enter the answer to the question that appears under the Digital Signature Password section. 
  4. Signing Password:  Enter a new signing password.
  5. Confirm Signing Password:  Re-enter the signing password. 

    Change Digital Signature Password.png


Option 2: If you have forgotten the response to your challenge question.

If you are able to make changes in the Staff Module, you may complete the following steps:

Note: If you cannot make changes to the Staff Module, ask your agency's Procentive Champion -- a person who is one of the "gurus" on how Procentive works. Procentive Champions should have this permission.

  1. Go to the Staff Module.
  2. Double click to open the staff record.
  3. Click on the Role Tab.

    reset signing password link in staff module.png

  4. Click on the reset signing password link.
    • A window will open and ask to confirm that you want to reset the signing password.
  5. Click OK.

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