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Scan a Clinical Document


This article will explain how to scan a clinical document into Procentive.

Important Note: If this is your first attempt to scan, you will need to first Set Up Scanning. 

Scan Clinical Document

  1. Go to the Clinical/Charting Module.
  2. Double click on a clinical document to open.
  3. Click the scan link, near the top of the screen.

    scan link clinical charting.png
    • A Scan to Procentive Window will open.
    •  Verify that your scanner is listed in the this window under Select Source.
  4. Click Scan.

    scan step 1.png
    • The result is that you should now be able to see the document that was scanned directly into Procentive. 
    • To scan multiple pages from a single sheet feeder, just load a new page and click scan after each page.

      scan step 2.png
  5. Enter a File Name: 
  6. Click Upload File.
    • This window will close and the file name will appear just above the scan link.
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