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Track Kiosk Forms


Learn how to track forms that have been kiosked via email.

What Has Been Sent Via Kiosk?

  1. Go to the Reports module.
  2. Type Kiosk into the Search: at the top of the page.
  3. Click on the underlined Kiosk Report.
  4. The kiosk report window will open.
  5. Select a from and to date or a Quick Range date.
  6. Click Display
    • The Kiosk Report (2090) will display all forms that have been sent via kiosk to a client's email in the time period selected.  It will include details of which form(s) were kiosked, the date they were kiosked and which email address they were sent to.  A Yes in Used column (last column on the right) indicates that the form was saved and submitted to Procentive.  If it says No, it can mean the client accessed the link but did not Submit the completed form.
      • This report will not show forms sent via kiosk to the Client Portal. Please visit the Client Portal Manager Module to determine which clinical forms have been sent to the client and the status of those forms.

Receive Notifications on Kiosked Forms

Workflow can notify a particular staff when a client has completed a form.  

To set up a Workflow rule: 

  1. Click the Workflow Definitions module.
  2. Click Add addplus.up.jpg .
    • A window will called New Workflow Rule
    • The type will default to advanced; this is the correct choice.
  3. Choose Clinical/Charting Workflow.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Name: Enter a name for this workflow, such as New Form Received
  6. Description: optional, enter if helpful. 
  7. Click Save.
    • ​The window will close and your workflow rule will be added to the list of rules.
  8. To open the newly created rule, double click on it. 
  9. Click on the Phases tab.
  10. Name: Type in None.
  11. Color:  Select black.
  12. Click Add.
    • None will appear in the white box to the left.
  13. Click the Project Rules tab.
  14. Rule Name: Enter a rule name
  15. Type of Trigger: select Days after document created.
  16. Days after: enter 0 (zero).
  17. Form: Choose a specific form from the drop down.

workflow for kiosk notifications.png

  1. The following fields can be used to further define this rule. Make the appropriate selection or choose [all]:
    • Clients must be in these locations:
    • Client must be in these programs:
    • Client must be in these groups:
    • Clients must have these payers:
  2. Move to the right side of this window to complete the section: Settings for new projects created with this rule.
  3. Starts with Phase: Choose None
  4. Starts with status: Choose New
  5. Starts with priority: Choose one
  6. Task is due: Enter when the due date or when you would like this project completed. 
  7. In the next section, Assign Staff to new Projects using these rules, you will need to select which staff will be notified. 
    • ​​If one individual (such as an intake coordinator) should be notified,  click on the pick list pick list.png under If the above rules fail to select a staff, send to:
      1. Choose a staff member from this pick list
      2. Click Ok.
        • The staff member name will appear next to the pick list.
  8. Click Change (at the bottom of the middle column). 
  9. Click Save. 

ML: When this link is ready add this as second bullet under 24.2:    If you would like to set up a rule regarding who Procentive will send the notification to, please see this article on how to assign staff. 

It's very important to click both the Change and Save to save your information.

ML: When link is ready, change this back to an external note: The steps mentioned here are only those steps particular to this purpose of tracking completed kiosk forms.  See  Create a simple Workflow notification rule for more information on Workflow. 

 How does this work?

​When the client saves and submits the kiosked form, this workflow rule will be triggered and the designated staff will receive a workflow notification in the Workflow Module.  This form will then be accessible in the Clinical/Charting module.

ML: Add link to the Workflow Module article above, once it's completed.